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These are posts by the Transform Illinois collaborators.   You can also view articles about Transform Illinois on the Transform in the News page

Municipal Capacity Strategy Paper

The capacity of municipalities throughout northeastern Illinois to pursue their own local and regional goals varies widely — and is often insufficient. Factors such as staff and elected official expertise, financial conditions, tax base and policy, ability and expertise to prioritize investments, and more can affect a municipality’s ability to [...]

A game plan for more efficient government

Many Illinois municipalities are struggling to survive in today’s fiscal climate. A new paper outlines solutions. Part 1. The problem. Municipalities are the building blocks of government in the Chicago region. There are 284 municipalities in northeastern Illinois, with broad responsibility for infrastructure and service provision, including many of the [...]

When would-do meets can’t-do: Why community capacity matters

From MPC’s perspective, variations in municipal capacity impede our ability to advance policies and practices related to basically all of our issue areas—reducing flooding, providing quality housing, investing in our infrastructure, and more. Josh Ellis examines this in detail, and articulates MPC's path forward. It’s safe to say that, among [...]

The Battle of the (Bureaucratic) Bulge Circa 2017

By the Better Government Association: Today we're taking a deep dive into an important government efficiency initiative in Illinois: streamlining and consolidation. This process enables local officials and voters to save tax dollars by reducing or eliminating overlapping, duplicative and unnecessary offices and units of government. Let's walk through a timeline of progress [...]