2019 Spring Session Recap

Below is a summary of legislation adopted by the Illinois General Assembly during its spring session (and signed into law by the Governor), that reduces the size of government, increases the transparency and accountability of government, or empowers local voters to determine the size of government they wish to support.

HB 348, McHenry County Township Dissolution (McSweeney, R-Cary/Link, D-Waukegan): details a process for the potential dissolution of townships in McHenry County through referendum and transfers the powers, duties, and obligations of each dissolved township to the county. States that the McHenry County Board shall not extend a property tax levy that is greater than 90% of the property tax levy extended by the dissolved township or road districts. Provides for the dissolution of a township road district located in either McHenry or Lake Counties with less than 15 miles of roads.
Public Act 101-0230

HB 910, Elected Library Board (Kifowit, D-Aurora/Holmes, D-Aurora): authorizes the Aurora Public Library to change from an appointed to an elected board of trustees if approved by a referendum placed on the ballot by either the Aurora City Council by ordinance or upon a petition signed by not less than 10% of Aurora voters who voted at the last regular election in the City.
Public Act 101-0126

HB 2209, TIF Transparency (Yingling, D-Round Lake Beach/Fine, D-Glenview): amends the Property Tax Code to provide that each tax bill shall contain a list of each tax increment financing (TIF) district in which the property is located and the dollar amount of tax due that is allocable to the TIF district.
Public Act 101-0134

HB 2473, Joint Purchasing Program (Willis, D-Addison/Holmes, D-Aurora): permits a fire protection district board of trustees, in addition to contracts entered into under the Government Joint Purchasing Act, to also enter into contracts for supplies, materials, or work involving an expenditure in excess of $20,000 through participation in a joint governmental or nongovernmental purchasing program that requires as part of its selection procedure a competitive solicitation and procurement process.
Public Act 101-0139

HB 3143, Elected County Assessor (Halbrook, R-Shelbyville/McConchie, R-Lake Zurich): permits in counties with less than 3 million residents, to change the manner in which it selects its county assessor or county supervisor of assessments (from either election or appointment), upon adoption of an ordinance by the county board or upon the filing of a petition with the county board signed by 2% of the registered voters of the county, placing a referendum question on the ballot at the next following general election.
Public Act 101-0150

HB 3369, Dissolution of the Lindenhurst Sanitary District (Weber, R-Fox Lake/Wilcox, R-McHenry): provides that the board of trustees of the Village of Lindenhurst may by ordinance, terminate the terms of all members of the Lindenhurst Sanitary District, with the powers of the district transferred to the village including the district’s authority to levy and collect taxes.
Public Act 101-0111

SB 90, Dissolution of Drainage Districts (McConchie, R-Lake Zurich/Didech, D-Buffalo Grove): provides that if one or more municipalities account for at least 75% of a drainage district’s territory, the drainage district may be dissolved if each municipality that has territory within the drainage district and the county in which the drainage district lies, adopt a resolution or ordinance dissolving the drainage district that includes specified language. Requires certain financial reports and on the date of the dissolution, provides that all drains, levees, and other works constituting the drainage system of the district and the rights-of-way, shall be deemed to be for the mutual benefit of the lands formerly in the district, among other provisions.
Public Act 101-0298

SB 1236, County Board Chairman Removal & Elected Official’s Salaries (Link, D-Waukegan/Yingling, D-Round Lake Beach): provides that a county chairman who is chosen by the county board, may be removed with or without cause, upon the affirmative vote of four-fifths of the county board. Prohibits an elected officer of a unit of local government or a county board member, that is a participating employer under the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF), from receiving any salary or other compensation from the unit of local government if the member is receiving pension benefits from IMRF for the elected official’s or county board member’s service in that same elected position. Also requires vendors of goods and services for contracts greater than $30,000 to disclose to a county a familial relationship (as defined in the Act) between a county elected official or county department director. Further provides that ten days after the certification of election results, that a county board chairperson, county board president or county executive, shall notify newly elected countywide officials of the option for an auditor to conduct a transitional audit at the county’s expense.
Public Act 101-0544