• Transform Illinois exists to serve the best long-term interests of the people of Illinois.
  • All coalition actions will be informed by credible, well-grounded research.
  • Models for government efficiency in Illinois may be found in other states or internationally.
  • Governance structures and funding mechanisms that exist today are not optimal for delivery of vital services with high-quality, cost-effective ways, given current government boundaries, distribution of populations, emerging technologies, and socio-economic trends.
  • Voluntary service sharing between units of government are laudable, and should be encouraged and replicated where prudent.
  • Any required measures to eliminate units of government or alter funding streams must be reasonably executed and demonstrably lead to more efficient service delivery.
  • Success metrics should be required for all Transform Illinois efforts with results measured and reported.
  • Any government efficiency reforms must include provisions to ensure accountability, transparency and efficiency.
  • It should be harder to create a unit of government than to eliminate one, and the pathway to elimination of unnecessary units must be clear, consistent and feasible for all units of government.
  • Reforms should ensure that the ability of local governments to solve problems with innovative and locally-appropriate solutions is maintained and enhanced.
  • The Transform Illinois’s process will have a high level of transparency and will encourage transparency in consolidation efforts.


Meeting image 1The unifying aim of this work is to adapt local governments to the realities of today in order to deliver high-quality services and more efficiently. Through Transform Illinois, MPC and its partners will research and propose solutions related to the function and effectiveness of the many units of government in Illinois.

Transform Illinois is the first coordinated effort to tackle government efficiency holistically. The goal is to accomplish the following:

  • Coordinate and consolidate research efforts to address gaps and assess the real impact of Illinois’ governance structures.
  • Develop a state legislative agenda for Transform Illinois with the goal of reducing structural barriers to the consolidation, collaboration and dissolution of governments.
  • Provide a platform for sharing ideas and amplifying findings. We will combine our resources to jointly educate the public through reports, events, conferences and various media outreach.
  • Develop a suite of tools to address government efficiency. Consolidation is not the only answer; sometimes the smarter path will be collaboration or disconnection.

Read more about legislation which consolidated emergency dispatch services in the state.