By the Better Government Association:

Today we’re taking a deep dive into an important government efficiency initiative in Illinois: streamlining and consolidation. This process enables local officials and voters to save tax dollars by reducing or eliminating overlapping, duplicative and unnecessary offices and units of government. Let’s walk through a timeline of progress so far:

2012, September

Illinois surges to almost 7,000 units of government, more than any other state

2014, January

The BGA adopts ‘smart streamlining’ approach to combatting government bloat

Example: Mosquito Districts

Mosquito Districts Sign

Did you know that Cook County has four separate mosquito abatement districts that spend $11.5 million a year in property taxes? While the threat of West Nile virus makes mosquito abatement an important fight, the additional districts do not result in additional protection, just additional cost. The average salary of district superintendents exceeds $100,000, so consolidation into one district with one boss could, at least, save up to $300,000 in taxpayer dollars.

2015, October

Transform Illinois is created


Transform Illinois is a collaborative of local elected officials, civic organizations and research institutions, including the BGA, dedicated to promoting and supporting local government efficiency efforts in Illinois.

2016, April

Candid conversation with Dan Cronin

BGA President and CEO Andy Shaw sits down for a candid conversation about government consolidation with DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin.

2017, January

State Senator Tom Cullerton introduces SB3

SB3 would enable county governments to consolidate units under their jurisdiction by approving a referendum asking voters if they support the proposed dissolution.

2017, June 26

BGA testifies in support of SB3

BGA policy analyst Jose Sanchez testifies in favor of government consolidation during an Illinois House Committee hearing.

2017, June

BGA supporters send 372 emails to Gov. Bruce Rauner to sign SB3

2017, August

Gov. Bruce Rauner signs SB3 into law